Hiking To Fossil Falls – Our First Documented Adventure!

Even though we have completed test runs with the GoPro previously and been on many adventures together, today was the first time we would be documenting our hike and sharing it on our new website. We departed Calgary super early in the morning and headed to the mountains for our first weekend filming for Epic Trip Adventures!

This was our second attempt hiking to the falls.  We had tried once earlier in the spring but there was too much snow and we ended up getting completely lost!  We weren’t willing to let our previous failure set us back and were confident today’s attempt would be successful.   Upper Kananaskis Lake

It was a cooler day than we had hoped for but we were prepared with warm clothes.  The fresh morning air was nice for hiking and Upper Kananaskis Lake was perfectly calm with the surrounding mountains reflected beautifully on the water.

We used the GoPro Hero 3+ to capture all of our footage.  Although it is an incredible camera, the one downside is it doesn’t have a LCD display to show us what we are actually filming.  Since this was our first kick at the can, we decided to air on the side of WAY too much footage.  We filmed everything! I guess the good thing is you can always delete clips later.

Fossil Falls


Our persistance paid off and we made it to the base of Fossil Falls after a few hours. With tons of new footage stored on the GoPro, today had been a success!

Check out the video of our hike to Fossil Falls on the Kananaskis Adventures Page

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