Day 2 “In The Field”- Heart Creek Trail and Yamnuska

Heart Creek TrailWith a successful first day of hiking and filming behind us, we were pumped for day two! Our plan was to hike Yamnuska and then hit up Heart Creek Trail on the way back to Canmore.  A missed exit on the drive out changed that plan and we ended up at Heart Creek Trail first.

Heart Creek Trail HandstandWe hadn’t had the time to review yesterday’s footage from Fossil Falls, so today’s strategy was the same.  Film EVERYTHING. Heart Creek is a pretty easy trail walk but we were determined to spice it up a bit. We knew there was a way to get to the top of the waterfall and were determined to find it.

Heart Creek Trail RedBullAfter searching around a bit we made it to the top. Later on the way down we found the route we should have taken to get up there. Check out our Heart Creek Trail Hiking Guide for the easy way up.

We had a nice surprise as we were heading back to the car by running into a couple RedBull promo girls who offered us refreshing beverages.  This was exactly what we needed heading into Yamnuska as our next hike.


We ALWAYS carry bear spray! I’m terrified of bears but somehow we ended halfway up Yamnuska before I realized we had left the bear spray in the car.  We were too far up the mountain to turn back and decided to chance it given the trail is fairly busy.  It didn’t seem like the place we would have our first wildlife encounter.

Turns out we were wrong.  As we rounded a corner through some dense trees we were faced with a massive black beast.  It looked like a wolf but we weren’t 100% sure. Anderson was confident it was a wolf and quickly told me to grab the bear spray, which I didn’t have. At that point he turned and ran, leaving me to face the wolf alone.  It seemed interested in chasing Anderson because he ran, so I backed away slowly to keep it calm.  After a few minutes of eyeing each other the two girls that own the dog came around the corner chatting.  I guess the collar around its neck should of been a giveaway.  Its a good thing I didn’t have bear spray on me because I would have maced those girls pet dog for sure! It’s also good to know how Anderson would act if we actually encountered threatening wildlife.  Basically, we are screwed.


The rest of the hike up Yamnuska was uneventful but very enjoyable.  Yamnuska is one of our favourite hikes based on some of the unique elements it has.  Walking along a ledge assisted by a chain is right up our alley.  We also had a blast running down the scree slope on the descent.

To see our Heart Creek Trail or Yamnuska videos check out the Canmore Adventures page.

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