Canmore Day 1 – Mounting the Tit!

Snow StormAfter a cold and snowy morning on Ha Ling Peak we retreated to the hot tub to warm up and regroup. It was the first morning of a three-day hiking trip in Canmore and so far things weren’t going well. Although we had been improving our videography and commentating with each new adventure, it had become very apparent that weather was a key factor we couldn’t control.

Ha Ling PeakWe had spent the morning climbing through dense clouds and freezing rain with optomistic hopes of clear skies once we reached the summit of Ha Ling.  Instead it began to snow and we couldn’t see more than 10 feet in front of ourselves. This was not ideal for filming. We had planned six hikes over the three-day trip but if this weather continued we were going to have to change our plans.

After an hour in the hot tub there was a small break in the rain clouds. We decided to take a chance and attempt another hike even though it was supposed to rain later in the day.


The planned hike was Squaw’s Tit. Despite it’s politically incorrect name it is a great hike. The tit is just minutes from Canmore and is both exciting and challenging. We parked at the trailhead, took a look at the dark clouds that appeared to be heading our way and started up the trail.Squaw's Tit

This trail doesn’t receive near as much traffic as other hikes in the area and the best route to the summit is not clear. Thanks to a previous failed attempt at this peak we knew which way not to go. On the way up we joked about a new branding motto “We get lost so you don’t have to!” If we had as much trail knowledge at the start of the summer as we do now we could have summited twice as many mountains

The hike was tough. There was lots of elevation gain and Anderson was in a rush to get to the top before the clouds rolled in. I was game to push the pace, but we were flying up the mountain.  I was assuming at some point he would stop for the water I was carrying, but he kept trucking onwards. After nearly an hour of intense elevation gain we reached the base of the Squaw's Titnipple. It looked a lot bigger from directly under it. After some analysis to determine the best route up the tit we began the scramble to the summit. It turns out the scramble was not nearly as hard as we expected. We found a route to the top that was quite manageable. Once at the summit the clouds parted and we were treated to stunning views of Canmore and the surrounding mountains. The hike was a success!  The weather had cooperated enough for us to get some good footage.

About halfway down the mountain the rain clouds rolled in and started unleashing on us. We weren’t phased because we had the footage we needed and had already descended the difficult portions of the hike. We jogged the remaining trail back to the car excited to return to the hot tub and chow down on some sushi.

Check out the video of our hike up Squaw’s Tit on the Canmore Adventures Page





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