Canmore Day 2 – Hiking With Friends

Today was going to be a bit different than a normal day filming because we were meeting a couple friends. Kristen and Alison are friends who share our passion for hiking in the mountains.  The plan for the morning was to climb Mount Tyrwhitt with them. I was excited for the larger hiking group because it would allow for some different video shots. I was also thankful to have friends join us in hopes that Anderson would be forced to slow the pace down a bit. My legs were sore.

It was a cool mordsc_0037-1ning with a bit of snow on the ground from the night before. The contrast of the yellow and green trees against the white snow was beautiful. I would highly recommend doing this hike late in the season once the larch trees have begun to turn color. Hiking with the two girls was a nice change of pace as we actually stopped a few times on the way up to eat some snacks and relax. This was different than Anderson and my usual approach of essentially racing up the mountain.


rockarchThe climb to the summit was challenging. You had to watch your foot placement as there were loose rocks that could be sent tumbling down the mountain into other hikers. As we neared the summit we came to the “window”, a natural rock archway. It offered some unique photography opportunities that we took advantage of. Once we made the summit we got some good group photos and took in the incredible view.



After descending back to the parking lot we said goodbye to the girls and headed to Grotto Canyon to tackle another hike before it got dark.




img_3262Grotto canyon was fun and relaxed compared to some of the more challenging hikes we had tackled over the weekend. As we walked through the canyon we were on the lookout for pictographs drawn into the rock walls years ago. Walking through a valley of rock cairns built by previous hikers triggered our competitive nature. We decided to have a little competition to see who could build the better cairn. Stay tuned for our video of Grotto Canyon to see how that turned out….





Videos Coming Soon!





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