Canmore Day 3 – Mount Indefatigable and Rawson Lake


hammocksUnfortunately, it was our last day of adventuring in the mountains before we had to return to our city lives. We had spent a chilly night in our hammocks and were eager to get an early start to make the most of our day.

The day’s first hike was Mount Indefatigable. Fellow hikers had recommended it to us and we were excited to see what the hype was about. As we started up the trail it was clear that we were going to be treated to some spectacular views.
img_3185Looking back down the trail towards where we had parked was a spectacular view of both Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes.  We tried to capture the beauty of the lakes through the GoPro as the trail rapidly gained elevation.  Fortunately, our legs were getting used to the abuse they had received over the last couple days and weren’t too tired. As we continued up the side of the mountain we got a glimpse of Fossil Falls on the opposite side of Upper Kananaskis Lake. Fossil Falls was our first hike of the summer and it was nice to reminisce.  It seemed like ages ago that we had done that hike, even though it had only been a few months.  We stopped for breakfast as we neared the summit and then made the final push to the top. The view was unreal but the wind made it too cold to stay long.


img_3233After we finished descending Mount Indefatigable we headed for Rawson Lake, our final hike of the weekend. There was some elevation gain as we trucked up to the lake, but our legs had gone numb to it. The reflection of Mount Sarrail on the crystal clear water of Rawson Lake was amazing.  Anderson, who seems to never run out of energy, was set on continuing up one of the side slopes to a ridge high above to get a better view of the lake.  I was feeling less enthusiastic about the climb. Fortunately we didn’t have time to go too far up because we had a dinner to make it to. We explored a small cave a short way up the slope and then started the trip back to Canmore to enjoy a much deserved turkey dinner.


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