Anderson Loran - Epic Trip Adventures

Anderson is a 32 year old from Saskatoon, Canada who has a passion for the outdoors and going on wild adventures. Anderson was a national team gymnast for 15 years and is now working as a firefighter in Saskatoon. Anderson was born and raised in Saskatchewan and spent most of his weekends growing up at his cabin or on the farm. He grew up outside and enjoyed every moment of it. He loves the mud, snow, water, dirt and everything else that comes along with being outside.

Andy fell in love with the mountains through winter snowboarding trips and summer hiking adventures.  Since discovering their beauty he has made an effort to get out and explore the mountains as much as possible. He loves hiking, fishing, hunting, dirt biking and hammocking. Anderson likes to push himself to the limit and rarely backs down from a challenge. His hypercompetitive nature may get him into trouble in the future, but for now he keeps striving to summit higher and more challenging mountains.


Someday Anderson hopes to…

  • Wheelie a motorcycle across Saskatchewan
  • File his own taxes
  • Visit every Hawaiian island


Mattson Moore - Epic Trip Adventures

Mattson is a 33 year old systems analyst, ex-gymnast, triathlete and adventure enthusiast. Mattson grew up in Calgary, Canada with a very adventurous family and in 2004 travelled the world for an entire year. His family explored over 20 countries and Mattson had his first taste of travel and the adventures that come along with it. All the incredible experiences Mattson had at a young age sparked his interest in travel and adventure. It wasn’t until he was a bit older that Mattson discovered there were adventures to be had right at his doorstep.

In his early twenties Matt came to the realization that Canada has some of the most fascinating scenery in the world and he needed to see it for himself. Exploring the Rocky Mountains was what triggered his love for the outdoors.  From biking to snowboarding, climbing mountains and sleeping in trees he enjoys getting outside and away from the city life.  Mattson loves to get off the beaten track and challenge himself by trying new activities.


Someday Mattson hopes to…

  • Cook the perfect eggs benedict
  • Jump out of a plane, ideally with a parachute
  • Drink a beer on every continent
  • Swim with a whale shark

Anderson and Mattson met through gymnastics competitions in their late teens and instantly bonded because of their similarly adventurous personalities. Their shared passion for the outdoors inspired hiking trips to the Rocky Mountains and adventure filled vacations to Hawaii. During these excursions, Anderson and Mattson struggled to find reliable information on the best hikes and adventures to do, and how to go about doing them.  Through online research, they could easily find videos of amazing locations on YouTube, but couldn’t find any detailed information or tips on how to get there.  Most available guide books were hard to interpret, vague, and often out of date.  It turned out finding an off the beaten track adventure required a lot of online research and you still weren’t sure exactly what you were getting yourself into. Anderson and Mattson thought that others may be facing the same problem as them and this triggered the idea to start Epic Trip Adventures (ETA).

ETA is a website intended for adventurers who are passionate about the outdoors but have less experience than the Bear Grylls and Les Stroud’s of the world. Through ETA, Anderson and Mattson want to share their passion for adventure through video, and encourage others to explore. ETA wants to present their followers with a library of adventure videos and associated guides so that they can choose the experience that is right for them and easily download the information they need.

Anderson and Mattson are passionate about ETA, and will continue to build and share their experience and knowledge by exploring the world.  They are committed to getting out into the wild and sharing the highs and lows of their successes and failures.


“We’ll get lost, so you don’t have to!”


ETA started in the summer of 2016 and is steadily increasing the size of its adventure library. ETA will continue to grow to reach adventurers with different interests and varying levels of outdoor experience and fitness. Join the adventure by following our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We hope you enjoy following along!

Anderson & Mattson