The Alaka’i swamp is the largest high elevation swamp in the world. The boardwalks that have been installed through the bog make it possible to traverse what once would have been near impassable terrain. A visit to the swamp is one of the most unique experiences in Kauai and if you’re lucky and the weather cooperates the view from the final lookout point is amazing!


The Awa’awapuhi Trail has views of some of the most awe inspiring and unique landscapes known to man. Descending over 1500 feet, this trail takes you on a journey through the rainforest and ends with a thrilling walk atop the long jagged cliffs of the Na Pali Coast.


Waimea Canyon is referred to by some as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”.  Waimea Canyon is not quite as old or as large as the Grand Canyon, but the lush vegetation that grows in, and around the canyon, makes it one of a kind. Its rugged green cliffs and jut outs give the canyon an aura of life that is quite special.


Pololu Valley is located on the north shore of the Big Island of Hawaii. The 300-foot walls on either side of the valley provide stunning views on the hike down. Pololu Valley has a black sand beach to relax at, and if you’re feeling energetic and adventurous, the adventure up and over into the next valley is a lot of fun.


Standing 13,800ft above sea level, Mauna Kea is the highest peak in all of Hawaii. The neighboring volcano, Mauna Loa, is just south of Mauna Kea and can be seen from the peak. Visiting the summit of Mauna Kea is an experience you cannot pass on while in Hawaii.


Ha Ling is a very popular well-trafficked trail on the western end of Mount Lawrence Grassi.  This hike was formerly known as Chinaman’s peak but the name has been change to Ha Ling in recent years.  There are spectacular views from the summit of Ha Ling but the hike to get there is steep and challenging.


Although Pu’u Oo Trail isn’t the most thrilling adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii, its diverse terrain offers a unique hiking experience.  The trail crosses barren lava flows with patches of lush rain forest separating them.  At the far point of the hike a pristine lava tube can be explored so bring a headlamp!

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In the heart of the Saskatchewan Prairies, Buffalo Pound Provincial Park is a land of adventure. Whether your niche is kayaking, hiking, mountain biking or cross country skiing, Buffalo Pound has an adventure for you. Buffalo Pound is a pleasant place for families to camp and enjoy the outdoors.

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The hike to Nanue Falls is very short and only 18 miles north of Hilo.  Although this hike is short and doesn’t require much time, it is challenging as there is no trail and you must rock hop along slippery boulders up the creek.  The waterfall is beautiful and worth the trek, but even the most sure-footed hikers are likely to take a slip and end up getting wet at some point.

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The view from the summit of grizzly peak may be the best we have seen!  This hike is one of our favorites in Kananaskis because it has a bit of everything.  There is breathtaking scenery the entire way up, moderate scrambling, and a sheer drop off from the summit creating a spectacular panoramic view. This hike is short but steep so prepare to work hard to reach the top of this peak!