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The 4 Peak Challenge

The Four Peak Challenge, also known as the Canmore Quad, consists of running/walking up the 4 main peaks surrounding Canmore. The peaks are Grotto Mountain, Mount Lady MacDonald, East End of Rundle, and Ha Ling Peak.  To add to the difficulty, you must start and finish in the town of Canmore and can only travel on foot between the mountains! In total, this amounts to around 57km with 4800m elevation!

Difficulty Rating: 10/10

Hiking Ha Ling Trail

Ha Ling is a very popular well-trafficked trail on the western end of Mount Lawrence Grassi.  This hike was formerly known as Chinaman’s peak but the name has been change to Ha Ling in recent years.  There are spectacular views from the summit of Ha Ling but the hike to get there is steep and challenging.

Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Adventure Guide Coming Soon!

Hiking Lady MacDonald

Lady Macdonald is located just outside the town of Canmore and is a local favorite because of its convenient location.  With 1200m of elevation gain to the top, Lady MacDonald is a challenge for even the most athletic hikers.  The final 60m approach to the summit is along a knife edge ridge with incredibly steep drop offs on either side.  Even the most surefooted adventure seekers will feel their adrenalin pumping while traversing this narrow ridge.

Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Adventure Guide Coming Soon!

Hiking Grotto Canyon

Grotto Canyon is a relatively simple trail walk with interesting features that make it a very worthwhile excursion. Walking between the narrow walls of the canyon provides an eerie experience and at the end of the canyon there is a small waterfall and cave to explore. You can also find ancient pictographs painted on the canyon walls if you know where to look!

Difficulty Rating: 3/10

Hiking Squaw's Tit

Despite its politically incorrect name, Squaw’s Tit is one of the best hikes in the Canmore area. The route to the top of the tit takes you through dense forest, up a beautiful creek bed and along a narrow ridge with a shear drop off to the valley below. The climax of the hike is an exciting scramble to the top of the “nipple”.

Difficulty Rating: 8/10

Hiking Yamnuska

Yamnuska is one of the best adventure hikes in the Canmore area. Highlights are a thrilling walk along the ledge of a cliff assisted by a chain, a great scree slope for the descent, and a spectacular view of both the mountains and prairies.

Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Hiking Heart Creek Trail

Heart Creek Trail is a beautiful walk through dense forest and over a rocky creek bed. Reaching the hidden waterfall deep in the canyon at the end of the trail provides an added challenge if you think you have the balance to cross the natural obstacle course of floating logs.

Difficulty Rating: 4/10