Kananaskis Hiking Information

Kananaskis Adventures

Kananaskis is a network of wilderness parks just west of Calgary. Known for abundant wildlife, snow capped craggy peaks, cold rushing rivers, waterfalls, and clear blue lakes Kananaskis is a hub for all types of adventures. Some highlights in Kananaskis are checking out amazing views of Spray Lakes while hiking Tent Ridge, exploring around the Kananaskis Lakes, kayaking the Kananaskis River and getting out for a day of Cat Skiing with KPOW at Fortress Mountain. This page has videos and downloadable guides of some of the best adventures in Kananaskis

Hiking Turbine Canyon

Turbine Canyon is a backcountry campsite in Kananaskis Country. The 15km hike in is well worth it with awesome views and the unique experience of standing on top of Turbine Canyon with a waterfall plunging into its depths right under your feet!

Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Hiking West Wind Pass

West wind pass is the perfect hike if you’re looking for incredible views without a ton of elevation gain. From the Smith Dorrien on Spray Lakes Reservoir the trial takes you up to a pass between Windtower and The Rimwall. The modest elevation gain makes this a great winter hike, but check the conditions as there can be a lot of snow!

Difficulty Rating: 5/10

McLean Creek Dirt Biking

Mclean Creek is considered a “Public Land Use Zone” (PLUZ) in Kananaskis Country just West of Calgary and is a great spot for anyone wanting to get out of town and ride the trails on dirt bikes/quads/side-by-sides. There is a campground there that has 96 powered campsites, and roughly 70 more unserviced campsites, as well as random camping. This PLUZ is 202 square km’s so there is a lot of area to explore!

KPOW Cat Skiing

Fortress Mountain is located in Kananaskis Country and has the highest base elevation of any ski resort in Canada. This means it gets a ton of POW! We have no other Cat Ski experience to compare to, but KPOW treated us really well, provided us with morning snacks, lunch, cold beer, avalanche safety training and epic snow! We would absolutely go Cat Skiing with KPOW again!

Difficulty Rating: Intermediate snowboard/ski abilities required

Kayaking The Kananaskis River

The Kananskis River cuts through the heart of Kananaskis Country in the Rocky Mountains.  The river’s class II and III rapids draw local paddlers and have been on our list to check out for a while.  After a brief warm up at Harvie Passage in Calgary we headed to Kananaskis to give the river a go.

Difficulty Rating: Paddling Experience Recommended

Hiking Tent Ridge

Tent Ridge is one of our favorite hikes in the Kananaskis area. It’s an 11km loop trail that provides a challenge for beginner hikers while also being difficult enough for those with more experience. This hike has it all, from ridge walks to forest trails, scrambling up rocks and sliding down snow. To top it all off, the views from the summit are absolutely breathtaking.

Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Hiking To Troll Falls

Troll Falls is a short, easy hike that takes no more than two hours. It is located in Kananaskis Country near Nakiska Mountain and is quite popular during the summer months. The hike starts on an easy trail through the forest with minimal elevation and ends up at a series of large heavy flowing waterfalls, the first of which is troll falls.

Difficulty Rating: 3/10

Hiking Grizzly Peak

The view from the summit of grizzly peak may be the best we have seen!  This hike is one of our favorites in Kananaskis because it has a bit of everything.  There is breathtaking scenery the entire way up, moderate scrambling, and a sheer drop off from the summit creating a spectacular panoramic view. This hike is short but steep so prepare to work hard to reach the top of this peak!

Difficulty Rating: 6/10

Hiking To Ribbon Lake

Hiking to Ribbon Lake is a moderately difficult trek in the backcountry of Kananaskis.  Although the hike can be done as a day hike, Ribbon Lake has is a beautiful campsite to overnight at. The hike follows Ribbon Creek Trail to Ribbon Falls.  Many hikers make the falls their turnaround point, but the final 2km up to Ribbon Lake are the most exciting part of this hike.  Chains tacked into the mountain side assist your final assent up to the lake.

Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Hiking To Rawson Lake

Rawson Lake is a beautiful, green, alpine lake with Mount Sarrail as the incredibly stunning backdrop.  This is one of the most beautiful hikes in Kananaskis and reaching the lake is well worth the moderate climb.  The trail to Rawson Lake begins at Upper Kananaskis Lakes and offers great views of the surrounding mountains, Sarrail Falls and lush forest.

Difficulty Rating: 5/10

Hiking Mount Indefatigable

Mount Indefatigable is a must do trail in Kananaskis Country.  The view of Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes from the top is as good as it gets.  The hike is relatively short, but has a lot of elevation gain which makes it challenging.  There is some mild scrambling required to reach the summit but it is nothing too extreme.

Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Hiking Mount Tyrwhitt

Hiking Mt. Tyrwhitt is a photographer’s dream! The approach from Highwood Pass takes you through a beautiful larch meadow. This is especially scenic in the fall when the larch trees change to a stunning gold color. As you near the summit a natural rock archway offers a unique scrambling experience with incredible photo opportunities.

Difficulty Rating: 6/10

Hiking To Fossil Falls

Fossil Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Kananaskis. It is also one of the most hidden. This hike is completely off the beaten track and is a true adventure hike! Some trail finding and bushwhacking is involved to reach the falls.

Difficulty Rating: 7/10