Saskatchewan Adventures

Canoeing The Churchill River

The Churchill River is over 1600km long and runs from Alberta, across Northern Saskatchewan and into Manitoba. We had the privilege of exploring 20km of it when six of us headed to Northern Saskatchewan to complete a three day loop of paddling, portaging and camping. Our adventure began at Devil Lake, a ten minute drive from Missinipe. From there we packed our canoes, left vehicles and cell service behind, and headed upstream with 3 days of unknown adventure ahead of us.

Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Camping At Gem Lakes

Gem Lakes is a small grouping of deep, beautiful lakes in central Saskatchewan named after precious stones. A 5.5km hiking trail winds around the lakes providing spectacular views and access to fish, camp, canoe and kayak at the various lakes.

Difficulty Rating: 3/10

MTB In Buffalo Pound

In the heart of the Saskatchewan Prairies, Buffalo Pound Provincial Park is a land of adventure. Whether your niche is kayaking, hiking, mountain biking or cross country skiing, Buffalo Pound has an adventure for you. Buffalo Pound is a pleasant place for families to camp and enjoy the outdoors.

Difficulty Rating: All Difficulty Levels